• SpreFix Insulation
    SpreFix™ seamless spray-on insulation gives you a professional and cost-efficient short-cut to excellent insulation. A smart multi-functional solution for fire protection, sound reduction, thermal insulation and condensation control.
  • Insulation and tin-plate cladding
    Insulation and tin-plate cladding of technical areas, accommodation, floor, cold and hot pipes, exhaust systems. The result of our works is a perfect quality of insulation layer and tin-plate cladding in a manner of the best traditions of the craft.
  • LIDO Floating floor
    Our inovative system of floating floor is providing the best sound properties and fire resistance, what was proved during the certification process by DNV and Lloyd
  • LIDO Marine
    LIDO Marine specializes in turn-key solutions to the fitting and refitting of ships and offshore installations.
  • Accommodation outfitting
    We offer a "turnkey" solution for the outfitting of the accommodation by creating an interior of the extremely high soundproof and comfort characteristics. This is a must for those who are working at the severe sea.
  • Ventilation Installation
    Our rich experience in assebling the ventilation systems in accordance to the technical documentation and SOLAS requirements is a key to the proper functioning and long life of the system.
  • Furniture production
    With our own production facilities we offer a wide range of different kinds of furniture for your vessel. All is handmade according to the highest quality standards.
  • Design and 3D Modeling
    We are willing to provide a possibility for our customer to have an overview of the interior the vessel will have. Our professional design staff will always help to create a product according to your needs and wishes.
ISO standards
On March 23, 2016 Lido Marine has renewed ISO standard certifications ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004 for the following scope: Ship and floating structures building and repair project management and execution. Production of marine furniture.
New possibilities
For the Yards and Owners UAB “Lido Marine” provided the real possibility to receive our full-scale service in Las Palmas and other ports of Canarias Islands. From April 2015 UAB Lido Marine established its plenipotentiary representation in Las Palmas (Phone +34 684377297). On top of this now we are present in the area, which are much closer to the coasts of Western Africa and Latin America, where many oil jigs and other offshore constructions are located and from time to time need in repair and conversion works.
Our recent project
Lido Marine finished one new building project regarding outfitting of different rooms on fishing vessel in Norway. We hope that our job will help to personal to feel themselves as under comfortable and productive conditions inside of such interior.
Our project in Poland
UAB Lido Marine is finishing installation of additional toilets instead of part of area near bar. On the first photo you can see area, where toilets to be installed, the next photos shows installation of new toilet rooms on the construction stage.
Business trip to Turkey
Two representatives of UAB Lido Marine came back from Turkey, where they visited two Yards and took negotiation about possible future co-operation. Also they spent one full day for International Shipping Exhibition “Europort” in Istambul, where several meetings with traditional and new potential Clients/Suppliers took places.
Team of managers from UAB Lido Marine visited Yard for presentation its service and discussion about possibility to take part in the projects for new building of icebreakers. The experience of Lido Marine for outfitting of vessels for trading in North areas could be interesting for Yard. Parties agreed to keep further contacts for this respect
Next contacts for river cruise market
Team of managers from UAB Lido Marine visited Moscow, where met with two biggest key players in river cruise shipping industry in Russia. Parties discussed about fulfilled projects and plans for future conversions and modernizations. UAB Lido Marine received inquiry for preparation offer regarding conversion of river cruise vessel for ship owner from South Russia.
New contracts
Our co-operation with big Danish ferry ship-owner continue by signing next contracts for conversation and repair of two big ferries on the territory of “Ship Yard Remontowa” in Poland. We have bought material, prepared tools and plan to go to Poland.
Two days courses for employees of Lido Marine took place in the office of our company. It was regular training for the professional development of our staff inside the frames of International Management System requirements. Lido Marine already received appropriate Certificates as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007 in 2013 and continue to follow to the new requirements in this respect.
Three representatives of Lido Marine took part in the LNG Bunkering Seminar "Small-scale distribution for coastal and short-sea shipping" in Klaipeda. Seminar was supported by Ambassador of Norway, Norwegian – Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, DNV and some other serious players of this specific field. It was useful to receive information about developing of this industry, specific requirements to design and to the construction of LNG tankers, experience from Yards and etc.
08.09.2014 – 11.09.2014
Delegation from UAB Lido Marine, consisting from three persons, visited SMM Exhibition in Hamburg. The meetings were hold with traditional Customers, where Parties discussed the current co-operation and received information about coming future contracts. Several Suppliers made presentation of their new products and services, what will help to Lido Marine to expand possibilities for developing its service to Customers accordingly.
Current project
Two directors from Lido Marine visited site of our partner - German Yard, where our workers fulfil considerable scope of works for installation of ventilation on two new building vessels of our Customer. The quality and the schedule keeping was checked and approved. Meeting with Yard management in charge took place in the office of Yard and Parties discussed about possible future expanding of services from Lido Marine in the favor of both Parties
New level
Verification measurements for noise, local vibration and climate were made by Class on our new building project in Spain in respect of its conformity to DNV grades as V(2)C(3). It was discovered that good comfort class criterions were provided - Comfort 2 and Comfort 1 according to DNV grade.
Committee, consisting from representatives of Design Company, Cruise Operator and Owner, came to Klaipeda for inspection of mock-up cabin and it was approved for the level of quality and for using on the future modernizations projects.
Mock-up cabin
According to the request of Cruise Operator/Owner and following to the standard cruise business practice the Lido Marine now are busy with manufacture of mock-up cabin (It is the building an example of one passenger cabin with real dimension and full outfitting/equipping to show to Customer for acceptation our quality for future project). Design was created by famous Canadian company and the new materials from Canada were delivered specially for this case.
Inspection of material supplier
Representatives of Lido Marine visited plant, where our Supplier produce several types of panels and doors. It is modern and good equipped plant which provide high quality of product. They expanded the range of product after installment the new machines and equipment and can suggest to Lido Marine more types of panels, doors and other products, which will be installed by Lido Marine for providing the good and comfort conditions for crew and passengers on offshore, commercial and cruise ships.
Exhibition "Navalia"
21.05.2014 – 23.05.2014
Delegation from UAB Lido Marine, consisting from three persons, visited Navalia Exhibition in Vigo, Spain. Every year the Lido Marine traditionally fulfills the considerable scope of works for Spanish Customers and it was useful to meet with our long term Partners. We discussed about current co-operation and received more information about our coming future deals.
Current project in Spain
Representatives of Lido Marine visited Spain Yard, where our team of workers are busy for this moment with installation of furniture and interior for ship’s rooms. The job is going according to schedule and both Parties are satisfied by long term co-operation.
River cruise vessels
Throughout our program for the business trip to Russia, which started from yesterday, the important meeting with top management of Owner took place in their office in Moscow. Parties discussed the intentions of Customer regarding future modernization of their vessels. By the way Owner kindly arranged for us the visit on his two river cruise vessels, which were considerably modernized by Lido Marine in the past and already went through one/two full trading seasons with their new modern face and comfortable conditions. According to the cruises schedule these ships tomorrow will take the new groups of passengers and start their trips to the famous touristic places, located along the water way of river Volga. It was nice to see the result of our job after being it in service and receive good impression how diligently the crews take care about all decoration, interior and furniture.
Inspection of vessel
According to the invitation of Owner, two representatives of Lido Marine visited Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, where they inspected the ship, which is planning to be modernized for some future seasons. Representatives of Owner helped to receive access for all areas to be modernized on this vessel and acquainted us with their intention for this project and with scope of works, which was made on the moment by Design Company regarding issuing and approval appropriate drawings.
About us
JSC "LIDO Marine" is a part of CJSC "LIDO Holding" group which unites following entities:
  • JSC "LIDO Marine"
  • "LIDO Norway" AS
JSC "LIDO Marine"
Specializes in turn-key solutions to the fitting and refitting of ships and offshore installations. The experience of our team and quality of our work has enabled us to successfully complete projects in Finland, The Baltic Countries, Spain, Russia and both the UK and Norwegian sector of the North Sea.
JSC "LIDO Norway"
Fitting and refitting of ships and offshore installations in Norwegian sector. A complete turnkey solution as well as partial special services (insulation works, ventilation installation, interior works and etc.)
The company's founder and financial director has considerable experience in building and contracting, ship interior outfitting, industrial insulation and ventilation systems in the Norwegian onshore and offshore industry.
By basing the company in the port city of Klaipeda, Lithuania, JSC "LIDO Marine" is able to take advantage of the wealth of experience in the ship building industry of the city. Klaipeda is one of the major centers of ship repair and ship building in the Baltic area shipping industry.
Entry to the European Union has further strengthened the position of businesses located in Lithuania, allowing better access to European and world-wide markets, and also providing greater security for international clients.
In 2006 JSC "LIDO Marine Furniture" was established with a production facilities near Klaipeda, enabling it to produce marine furniture to supply its ship and offshore fitting operations.
Membership in Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce
JSC "LIDO Marine" is one of the founders and gold members of the Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce - non-profit business organisation representing over 70 companies interested in cooperation and bilateral relations between Norwegian and Lithuanian businesses.
For more information please follow the link: www.nlcc.lt
Lido Marine is committed to deliver consistent quality of shipbuilding and ship repairing services on the international market in scope of the company’s professional activity complying with the requirements of the ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001 standards. Our quality manuals for processes related to our services are based on a certain requirements from Classification Societies, Materials Manufacturers Manuals and long years’ experience in the industry, thus creating a strong foundation for the control of the final product quality. Moreover, our strategies are aimed to the future enhance of the overall quality, health and safety, environmental management systems. Our personnel are aware of the risks involved in the delivery of the defected product by constantly commenced trainings and informative meetings. With the help of systematic communication of all personnel and clear understanding of their duties, responsibilities and tasks, as well as awareness of safety and environmental issues we create a health and quality efficient work environment. Future development of the existing management system, monitoring of its effectiveness and implementation of new higher standards will lead our company to the better quality results with the safe, environmental friendly and efficient production processes. It will also ensure satisfaction of our customers, as well as the good being of the organization and its personnel for the years.
  • Strictly comply with the specification, drawings and customer’s demands.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Provide the resources to meet the intended needs in a timely manner.
  • Monitor the production process from the beginning and on each stage till the completion of the works.
  • Reduce non-conformance.
  • Constantly increase the efficiency of the management system.
Materials and Certification
All materials used by "LIDO Marine" come from reliable suppliers and are certified to the highest standards, meeting all required European Union Health, Safety and Environment regulations. Upon delivery of a project we supply documentation including all relevant certificates.
JSC "LIDO Marine" has been found to conform to the requirements of Russian Maritime Register as a Firm engaged in:
  • Marine insulation installation with or without covering in shipbuilding and shiprepairing
  • The mountig of ship's ventilation system
  • Ship's inerior outfitting
Working together
JSC "LIDO Marine" is always glad to have a dialog with a professionals of a shipbuilding or people with aim to learn and work in field of this business. So, please contact us by filling the below
form and we will invite you for a meeting to look for a possibilities to work together.
You may leave a message with your comments on your candidature and upload your CV and motivation letter. Do not forget to put in your contacts!
Interior Fitting - Ship & Offshore
  • Fire Insulation
  • Sound Insulation
  • Comfort Insulation
  • Sprefix Insulation
  • Piping insulation
Insulation clading
  • Insulation tin-plate clading of bulkheads and ceilings
  • Piping insulation tin-plate clading cladding
  • Supply and installation of ceiling and bulkhead panels for accomodation
Wet space solutions(showers, change rooms and etc.)
  • Supply and installation of wet units
  • Renovation of existing bathrooms
Deck and flooring
  • Floating floor
  • A-60 LIDO floating floor (DNV certified)
  • Top covering: ship flooring ceramic tiles, linoleum, laminate, carpets, wood imitation
  • Wooden decks on open deck
Ventilation/air conditioning
  • Upgrading of existing ventilation systems
  • Installation of new HVAC system
Sanitary installation/piping
  • service lines
  • equipment
  • accessories
Marine furniture
  • Productions and installation of marine furniture and equipment for all kind of rooms
  • Supply and installation of cabin doors
  • Production, supply and installation of window boxes
Cooler/freezer rooms
  • Supply and installation of element unit system
  • Provision room and freezer room shelving
Special equipment
  • Supply and installation of refrigirators, equipment for mess room and galley
  • Supply and installtion of sanitary equipment
  • Supply and installation of equipment for hospitals
LIDO Floating Floor
Our innovative system of floating floor is providing the best sound properties and fire resistance, what was proved during the certification process by DNV and Lloyd
  • It is simple in installation and has a reliable construction.
  • Installation works may be carried out without closing the areas for entrance.
We will be glad to provide additional information, certificates and test results upon your request.
LIDO Floor Instalation Video
Design and 3D Modeling
We are willing to provide a possibility for our customer to have an overview of the interior the vessel will have. Our professional design staff will always help to create a product according to your needs and wishes.
Marine Furniture
"LIDO Furniture" is a sister company of "LIDO Marine" and produces marine furniture to supply its ship and offshore fitting operations. By having direct control of the production of furniture, "Lido Marine" can be assured of its quality and delivery times, so helping to ensure that we can deliver the project to you on time and to the highest standard. All materials used by "Baltic Marine Furniture" come from reliable suppliers and are certified to the highest standards, meeting all required European Union Health, Safety and Environment regulations.
The following materials are used in the production of our furniture:
  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Water-resistant ply, oak or beech veneer High-pressure Laminat
  • High-pressure Laminat
Project Management
  • Our project managers have many years experience in the business and a proven track record of their skills.
  • Combined experience enables us to manage projects from beginning to end, offering you the client turn-key solutions.
  • All our project managers have a good knowledge of several languages(English, Lithuanian, Russian, German, Spanish)
  • Our flexible approach allows us to manage a wide range of works in all areas of repair and upgrading in the marine and offshore sector. We can offer complete project management according to the needs of the client, from refitting of small vessels to the complete new build of accommodation structures of large vessels.
  • Our teams of workers are all experienced in their field. Lithuania workers have a reputation for hard-work, reliability, discipline. All our teams have at least one person with good English skills.
Contacts/Company details
JSC "LIDO Marine"
Žvejų g. 2 - 406
LT - 91248, Klaipėda
+370 46 300241
+370 46 300242
Company code
VAT code
Ona Majauskienė (language - Lithuanian)
+370 46 300241
+370 652 68 288
Gunnvald Laukhammer (language - Norwegian, English)
+370 656 67 017
Per Erik Brekke (language - Norwegian, English)
+370 635 28 436
Bent Taksrud (language - Norwegian, English, German)
+370 650 94 197
Viktoras Kudriavcevas (language - Russian, English, German, Lithuanian)
+370 699 11 285
LIDO Norway AS
5430 Bremnes
+47 932 31 219
+47 53 40 95 21
Kenneth Waage
+47 932 31 219